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Due to popular demand our 50% off sale on our wedding dress
range is being continued until 31st July.
Offer applies to all wedding dresses in stock and you can take your dream dress away the same day

Prom Dress Range - "Prom - Sonia Dress
Was 250 now 125"

2017 Prom - Sonia Dress

On Sale: Red size 10. Was 250 now 125

The Prom - Sonia Dress
Was 250 now 125 is part of our wonderful range of prom dresses from the Illusion Prom Dress Range, created by the amazing designers at Tiffanys. We offer all dresses in a full range of sizes and a wide range of colours too.

Prom - Sonia Dress Black

Prom - Sonia Dress Red

Prom - Sonia Dress Red

Prom - Sonia Dress Royal

If you are looking at the Prom - Sonia Dress
Was 250 now 125 for a Prom or special occasion we aim to ensure not more than one Prom - Sonia Dress
Was 250 now 125 in one colour is sold by Prom to Bride, to your school, so you will be the only one in your dress and colour*. So when you come to see us please let us know the school you attend or what the occasion is so we can keep track.

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*This may not be available at some larger schools and in these cases we will not sell the same dress in the same colour, however different colours of the same dress may be sold.

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